Boss In Fashion

Boss In Fashion - Young Designer Entrepreneur Programme 
Boss In Fashion Introduction:
Over the past 2 years, we have witnessed a significant shift in the marketing strategies of numerous industries due to the pandemic, especially in the fashion industry. Many brands and fashion houses have shifted their marketing angle to cater to online consumerism. Gen Z has transcended entrepreneurship tremendously by establishing marketable online personalities. Resultantly, their online presence has enabled them to develop their name into a brand and business that is supported by a dedicated fanbase. However, one of the key adversities the pandemic has aroused is the severe loss of jobs and opportunities for many current and/or soon-to-be graduates. In particular, there are student designers who wish to start their own brand; however with a lack of resources and consumer support, this becomes a daunting and gruelling feat to begin alone. Thus to maximise these aspiring young designers’ potential and talent, we introduce the programme – Boss in Fashion.
Boss In Fashion Corporate Partners & Publication:
Boss in Fashion is a programme that aims to create the kind of guidance that allows students to learn, explore and nourish their vision in fashion. With the support of Ünik Studio and other partners such as Business of Fashion (BOF) & UK Harper's Bazaar Advertorial under Classified Section, students will be graced with a taste of what it is like to work as a designer entrepreneur running their own brand. They will work through a series of marketing and business programmes hosted by world renowned platforms.
Additionally, they will publish their graduate works in established publication houses to increase their brand awareness and elevate their personal brand to the next level. Finally, the programme will conclude with student designers selling their own collections on Ünik Studio to our existing customer base through our e-commerce services.


All the selected young designer will be entitled to the following: 

  1. A business and marketing course conducted by Business of Fashion (BOF) and certificate of completion will be awarded.
  2. 3 month-subscription to BOF professional account where you will be entitled to all the eligible event and latest news in the fashion industry. 
  3. 1 slot for a printed advertorial in the UK Harper's Bazaar under Classified Section Magazine in the United Kingdom.
  4. One unique product that will be designed by the designer student and mass produced for sale on Ünik Studio e-commerce. (exclusively for fashion design student only)
  5. A whole marketing suite arrangement for the product launch by Ünik Studio.
  6. An official completion certification by both Ünik Studio & External Partnerships.


Eligibility & Information for Boss In Fashion:

  • All the design students who are currently studying in any Fashion design related courses will be eligible for this programme, or, students who have graduated between 2019 to 2021. 
  • Once the application is submitted, your profile will be screened by several rounds of selection (both internal and external judges). Only the selected applicants will receive the “Letter of Offer” from us via email to join the programme. 
  • The whole programme will run throughout the year and only 15 students per month will be accepted into the programme. 
  • There will be a programme administrative fee for the entire 2-months programme at SGD$1208 or £650/ students in 2022, however the price may change in 2023 once the beta version ends on 31st December 2022. 


Ultimate Goal for Boss In Fashion:

In this programme, the graduate designers are able to tap into two vast, colossal markets of the fashion industry: Asia, being the largest luxury buyer market, and the United Kingdom, a paradise for innovative luxury branding and marketing of fashion labels. Such targeted geographical exposure will assist our aspiring designers in their quest to rapidly promote and grow their brand on a global scale.

The ultimate goal of this programme is to enrich our graduate designers and provide them with not only a taste of how to run business by the book, but also through a proper practical execution of all attained skills and techniques. Our programme merges the written with the practical, all aspects considered.

Students will be able to experiment and flourish in a professionally guided environment. With Boss in Fashion, we wish to inspire, nurture and refine the next up-and-coming designer, whose works aim to join the future of fashion. Behold, as Boss in Fashion produces competitive artistry and innovation worthy of the world’s fashion industry!

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