ÜNIK and the Influence of Streetwear

The recent years have seen the growth of streetwear as a fashion style increase exponentially, with the hype of streetwear among Singaporeans seen cruising the streets of Orchard Road in daily life today, compared to when streetwear was worn as an underground counterculture movement amongst skateboarders only. Perhaps it’s the comfort – who would want to wear restricting and hot clothing in sunny Singapore where it’s Summer all year round?

Or maybe, it’s the aesthetics and hype of streetwear that ultimately makes it so pleasing to the growing community of people who are into streetwear. Renowned celebrities like rapper Kanye West and model Bella Hadid don streetwear as their de facto outfit when not on the runways, and this influences their fans to follow suit, increasing the popularity of streetwear as a fashion trend.

photo by splashnews      

Kanye West, photo by splashnews     Bella Hadid, photo by Gettyimages

However, is streetwear today just a trend?

In a generation that prioritises authenticity, it is unlikely that a fashion style that prides itself in self-expression through its design or even just from the act of wearing it, would merely be a fleeting trend, ready to die down anytime. Rather, it’s a movement. A movement that has seen streetwear evolve from a political anti-thesis against fashion, to now being a part of fashion, walked on runways all over the world, even on major ones such as in Paris Fashion Week. The streetwear community has even coined their own slang for its members – “hypebaes” and “hypebeasts”, terms that are used to describe people who are obsessed with streetwear and wearing the latest drops from popular streetwear brands such as Supreme, Balenciaga, and A Bathing Ape.

Here at ÜNIK, we are not just a streetwear brand that only focuses on the aesthetics. We aim to curate individual pieces which each tell a unique story, in hopes they resonate with you. We want to create a safe space and community. One where individual self-expression can be established safely through design. Our youth designers and us (aged 15-25, just like you!), work hard in ensuring there is meaning in every design we create, and that design quality is met.

Just like designer Bobby Hundreds had put it aptly, “Streetwear is about culture. It’s not a clothing.” – at ÜNIK, we welcome you, to join our community of like-minded people through the appreciation of the stories expressed through the creation of our youth designers!

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